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OPC produces many publications of interest to consumers and energy professionals. You are welcome to download, print and distribute these publications for personal use and distribution to others. Please attribute the documents to OPC and provide a reference to the OPC website for updated materials.
Consumer Publications
Supplier Fact Sheets 
Your Rights as a Utility Customer
Combination file of all Fact Sheets Above 
Community Agency Publications – Resource Guides  (updated 9/26/13)
Retail Supplier Archive Reports
Natural Gas: 2010
Natural Gas: 2011
Natural Gas: 2012
Electricity: 2010
Electricity: 2011
Electricity: 2012
Electricity: 2013
Electric Supplier Prices September 2013 NOT PRODUCED DUE TO PSC 9324
Maryland General Assembly
Legislative Session
Senate Bills: 2009
Senate Bills: 2010
Senate Bills: 2011
House Bills: 2009
House Bills: 2010
House Bills: 2011
Federal Legislative Documents
Case Information
Electric Regulatory Archive