Consumer Corner – Retail Suppliers (of Electricity and Natural Gas)

Electricity Retail Price Comparison by Service Area

Natural Gas Retail Price Comparison by Service Area

Electricity and Gas Suppliers

Fact At a Glance
  • You can buy your gas or electricity supply from a licensed supplier
    1. Your gas utility will deliver the gas
    2. Your electric utility will deliver the electricity
  • Suppliers must be licensed by the Maryland Public Service Commission (See Consumer Information Supplier Search) for a list of licensed active suppliers in your service area.
  • There is a difference between energy suppliers who actually can sell you gas or electricity supply, and brokers. Know who you are dealing with.
    1. Both suppliers and brokers must have PSC license
    2. Suppliers sell you the electricity or gas supply
    3. Brokers act as middlemen or as marketing agents. They can connect you with one or more suppliers, but they do not sell the gas or electricity
    4. Suppliers also use independent representatives for door to door and phone sales
  • The Public Service Commission(PSC) has established NEW RULES FOR SUPPLIERS EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2016:
    1. Marketing and Contracting Methods--OPC Fact Sheet
    2. Contract terms--OPC Fact Sheet
    3. ** See OPC Fact Sheet on Variable rate contracts
  • The PSC does not approve supplier prices or rate offers.
    1. BUT: Suppliers cannot be unfair or deceptive regarding prices when they market to you or contract with you.
  • Suppliers also are subject to Maryland's Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits unfair or deceptive practices and has rules on Door to Door Sales and Telephone Solicitation.
  • Most suppliers put their charges on you utility bill.
  • Customers may file supplier complaints with the PSC.
    1. Call 410-767-8028 or 1-800-492-0474
    2. File online complaint at

If you are a low income customer, you may qualify for energy assistance with your utility bills

Check with Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) or call 211 to get a referral for assistance