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May 2015--SOS Electric prices have been posted for the next twelve months--This the only time of the year when a consumer can view the future twelve months of electric prices from their Electric Distribution Company (BGE, PEPCO, Delmarva, & Potomac Edison). Consumers can use this information to make electric supplier decisions of 12 month, or less, fixed rate contracts.  SEE ENERGY SUPPLIER PAGE

People’s Counsel answers “no” to the question – “Is the Exelon-PHI Merger in the Public Interest” for Maryland - on a panel at the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law on April 8.


OPC submits Reply Brief in Courts of Special Appeals to challenge Columbia Gas’ attempt on appeal to obtain recovery of remediation costs for a parcel of land purchased in 2013 and not used for the benefit of its customers.  The PSC had accepted OPC’s position and rejected Columbia Gas’ claims in a rate case, Case 9326.  Oral argument is in June.


OPC and State of Maryland submitted testimony on April 6 urging PSC to reject contested settlements in Exelon-PHI merger case, and reject merger.  Hearings will be held April 15-17.  See Case No. 9361, Dkt Items 232 and 233.


OPC concerns were addressed in amendments to 3 important bills on telephone deregulation, community solar and transportation network companies (e.g., Uber and Lyft) during the 2015 legislative session.   See our legislation tab for OPC testimony.


Important PSC Rulemaking Hearings:


April 21 – RM55 – Rulemaking session on proposed regulations for Transportation Network Companies (TNC) and drivers cancelled due to passage of TNC legislation.  Will be rescheduled.


May 7 – RM52:  PSC will consider final adoption of regulations to allow “certified nurse practitioners” to sign medical certifications for customers with serious illnesses or need electricity for life support equipment


June 4 – RM43:  PSC will consider recommendations for new reliability standards for electric companies, and revisions to the reliability standards regulations.  OPC and its expert consulting engineer will review and comment on these proposals.


June 16 – RM54:  PSC will consider revisions to its regulations for energy suppliers to address problems with variable rate contracts and add consumer protections.  See OPC comments urging stronger protections in RM54, Item 7 and PC35, Item 164.


In Case 9346, the PSC is investigating the marketing practices of 3 energy suppliers related to the high variable rates charged to customers in the winter of 20130-14. OPC has submitted testimony about the marketing practices of XOOM; hearings are scheduled May 1 and 4.  OPC will submit testimony about Major Energy and Blue Pilot in the near future.


See OPC’s revised "Guide to Understanding Fee Options for Smart Meters" in “Publications.”


NASUCA, OPC’s national association, submitted comments on the FCC’s IP Transition Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on February 5. See


NASUCA submitted comments on the FCC’s 911 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking supporting the FCC’s policy positions and proposed regulations on 911 service.  See