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Natural Gas Suppliers – Price Comparison Information
We have collected rate information for each major natural gas utility (Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Washington Gas Light Company, or Columbia Gas of Maryland) as well as natural gas supply companies that currently offer service to residential consumers in each area. The attached Natural Gas Suppliers Price Chart  shows a price comparison of current natural gas supplier offers in each service territory to new customers. We also have noted whether other fees are charged and the length of the contract.
How to Use the Price Comparison Chart
The prices listed in the chart only include the cost of the gas supply and interstate distribution to get the gas to Maryland. The utility price and the supplier prices on the chart do NOT include other charges, such as the utility distribution rate, taxes and other charges on the local gas utility bill. These charges will remain the same, whether you purchase your gas supply from your gas utility or from a gas supplier.
Why Do You Include the Price Offers of Some, But Not All, Suppliers, Listed on the PSC Website?
The PSC Website has a list of all licensed suppliers serving residential customers in each utility service area, and a seperate list of suppliers actively seeking new customers.  The list includes both suppliers (who actually sell gas) and brokers (traditionally "middlemen" between the consumer and supplier).  You can find out if a company is a broker or supplier by clicking on the name of the company on the PSC website.
Until recently, there were few brokers for residential customers.  In recent months, we have see an increase in the number of brokers licensed by the PSC.  Since brokers cannot actually seel gas supply to the customer, and we cannot monitor the activities of all brokers, we will no longer list any broker information on the OPC website.  You may wish to contact the broker directly to discuss what services the broker can provide to you.
We offer this price comparison chart as a guide to give you a general idea of the types of offers currently being made. We have tried to gather accurate information, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The names of the active suppliers are listed on the website of the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) (“Licensed Suppliers” link) and may change at any time. The gas utility rate information is from the utility rate schedules that are approved and on file with the MD PSC, and also appears on your gas utility bill. The contract and price offers of the natural gas suppliers were obtained from the websites of those companies. THESE OFFERS AND PRICES MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME. You should ALWAYS contact the gas supplier directly to obtain the current price offers and all of the contract terms, and read our Contracting Guide before entering into an agreement with a supplier. THE GAS UTILITY RATE ALSO CHANGES MONTHLY OR QUARTERLY.
Do local natural gas companies have a “price to compare” printed on my utility bill, like the electric “price to compare”?
No, natural gas companies have a monthly price, which changes based on the local gas company purchasing practices. The natural gas price is subject to regulation by the Public Service Commission.
Can I compare the price offers of the natural gas suppliers to the monthly price set by my local gas company to determine if it would be cheaper to lock into a 12, 24, or 36 month contract price?
Not really, a local natural gas company’s price for commodity natural gas changes monthly, and is not fixed for future months. Therefore, while the price offer from the natural gas supplier may be lower (or higher) than the price currently charged by your natural gas company the price could be higher (or lower) in future months.
As a consumer you must make the choice of which company to use. To assist you in making that decision we recommend you review the price of natural gas from your local natural gas company for the past three years, and ask natural gas suppliers for historical price information for the same period. However, keep in mind that you cannot rely on past information to predict future prices.
Disclaimer of Liability and Endorsement
The Office of People’s Counsel and its employees do NOT make any warranty, express or implied, or assume any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the charts. We do not endorse, either explicitly or implicitly, any product or service that is referred to in the chart. OPC provides this information to assist consumers, and it cannot be used for any advertising or product endorsement purposes. 
For More Information
You can obtain a current list of active electricity suppliers serving your area, with their contact and website information, from the Maryland Public Service Commission at (“Licensed Suppliers” link).
You can obtain current gas rate information from your gas utility bill or from your gas utility directly. You also can get a three year history of monthly gas supply rates for your gas utility at the PSC gas commodity page.